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NHL Development Camp Invite List

By Jordan Kuhns, 07/02/18, 11:45AM CDT


Fighting Saints players and staff to take part in NHL Development Camps

Every year, NHL teams bring their draft prospects and free agent players from around the world to their development camps in the summer to compete for future roster consideration. As of July 2, 2018, 25 Dubuque Fighting Saints players and one staff member have been invited to take part.

Below is the complete list.

Anaheim Ducks
Sasha Larocque (2014–15)

Boston Bruins
Karson Kuhlman (2011–14)
Colin Theisen (2014–17)

Carolina Hurricanes
Gordie Green (2014–16)

Columbus Blue Jackets
Eric Robinson (2013–14)

Dallas Stars
Jeff Baum (2016–17)

Detroit Red Wings
Patrick Holway (2015–16) *

Edmonton Oilers
J.D. Dudek (2014–15) *

Florida Panthers
Zach Solow (2015–17)

Los Angeles Kings
Matt Millar (2013–Present)

New York Islanders
Spenser Young (2014–16)
Tyce Thompson (2017–18)
Dalton Hunter (2017–18)

New York Rangers
Joey Keane (2015–16) *
Simon Kjellberg (2018–Present) *

Pittsburgh Penguins
Keenan Suthers (2016–17)

St. Louis Blues
Michael Davies (2013–15)
Austin Rueschhoff (2016–17)

San Jose Sharks
Dylan Gambrell (2012–15) *

Tampa Bay Lightning
Ryan Zuhlsdorf (2016) *
Cole Guttman (2015–18) *

Toronto Maple Leafs
J.D. Greenway (2018–19) *

Vancouver Canucks
Matthew Thiessen (2018–Present) *

Vegas Golden Knights
Wyatt Ege (2014–15)

Winnipeg Jets
Quinn Preston (2016–18)
Santeri Virtanen (2017–18) *

* (NHL Drafted)