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Saints Affiliate of the Month: Owen Baumgartner

By Jack Milewski, 11/12/19, 10:00AM CST


Baumgartner Details development as defenseman after stint with saints

With another season upon us, we will be revisiting a popular segment from last season in our Affiliate of the Month. Last season, we chose one affiliate each month to highlight. We took an in-depth dive in to why they started playing hockey, who they are as a player, who they want to become and what their life looks like off the ice. This season we will be doing the same, with an affiliate highlighted each month from now until the end of the season. We kick off the 2019-20 Affiliate of the Month with a player who was highlighted early last season. After a brief stint with the Saints in late October, we sat back down with Owen Baumgartner to talk about what has changed over the last year and what he expects from himself and his hockey game over the next season.

You just spent a week with the team, what was that experience like?

The experience was great and everyone was very welcoming and the team was very fun to hang around with.

What did you take away/learn from the experience with the team?

I feel playing with the team showed me to be a little more physical as a defenseman even though I’m a lot smaller. 

Last year you told me you wanted to work on your defense cause you were transitioning from forward, how has that transition been?

the transition so far has been really good and I feel my defense is really good now.

Is that still your main focus or are you looking at something else now?

defense is still something I really want to focus on and keep improving but now I feel I can also focus on other parts of my game like puck retrieval.

Where have you grown as a player the most this last year?

I feel I have grown most defensively but also making quicker decisions when there is a lot of pressure. 

Who is your favorite hockey player and why? Anyone you model your game after?

my favorite player is Shayne Gostisbehere because he’s a very good offensive defenseman and doesn’t give up and defensive chances because of his offense. 

Describe yourself as a player for someone who has never seen you play

I would say that I’m a very skilled- undersized defenseman and very good with the puck and a good skater. 

You’ve done these before, Stanley Cup prediction for this season?

I think that the capitals will win it this year just cause there team is playing amazing right now with Carlson, Ovechkin and many other players.

Bonus Question, who wins the presidents trophy?

I also think the capitals will win the presidents trophy 

Where are you playing this season and what are you most excited about?Right now I’m playing for the Minot Minotauros and so far our season I going great and I’m really hoping we can win the Robertson cup this year 

Any hockey superstitions?

One superstition is I always warm up with no shoes before games.